Mission Statement


"The Florida Consumer Action Network is a grassroots organization which empowers citizens to influence public policy by organizing and educating in areas where consumer voices are underrepresented."



FCAN and its partners work to promote and achieve a more democratic and just Florida. We are an organization other groups choose to work with on critical statewide and national initiatives. We have substantial capital in our board, staff, membership, affiliations, and partners. We are helping Florida become a model for the nation in the way we address economic, political, social and environmental justice. We work hard on communications and digital technology, using it to effectively communicate and mobilize.

We build infrastructure to support and expand grassroots coalitions, mobilizing leaders and community to win on constituent issues. Our actions provide the foundation and stability to mount and coordinate issue campaigns, to register voters and get out the vote, and to win elections. We aim to keep local members involved, informed, passionate and active. We periodically evaluate our goals, strategic plan, our board, staff, and partners in order to be at our most effective.

FCAN remains engaged for the common good, advancing community, compassion, democracy, justice, freedom and opportunity.  We remain in harmony with national partner organizations including Fair Share, People's Action, and Consumer Federation of America