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  • Building A Fair Share Economy Starts With Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes
  • Corporate lobbyists are already leaning on the new Congress to protect tax loopholes and cut taxes for big corporations.

    Meanwhile, Congress isn't hearing enough about closing these loopholes.

    That's a problem because a 2008 study showed that 83 of the top 100 publicly traded corporations operate subsidiaries in offshore tax havens. And it costs taxpayers $150 billion a year that we could use to better educate our kids or repair our roads and bridges. Let's tell our members of Congress: It's time to close every loophole that allows big companies to hide their profits overseas. Let's make sure everyone pays their fair share and build an economy that works for all of us.

    Florida Senator Bill Nelson is on the Senate Finance Committee and has an important voice on the way on this debate. Contact Sen. Nelson and ask him to end the loophole for offshore tax havens and invest that money building the middle class.
  • We Moved! FCAN relocated to a new office in St. Petersburg in the Grand Central District.

    3110 1st Ave N Suite M
    St Petersburg, FL 33713

    Our phone number is still 813-877-6712 and emails all remain the same. However, we will soon have a 727 phone number as well.

    Why did we move? FCAN joined the Fair Share Alliance and we wanted to share office space with our new partners, Environment Florida and, Florida PIRG. This saves money for all the groups. Besides, we have a clean, bright new space with plenty of room in a very cool area of St Pete.

    And there’s lots of political action in Pinellas County that we want to be more a part of. At last count, FCAN has more members in Pinellas than any other county. More news, we expect to expand our field canvassing efforts later this summer, also a part of our work with the Fair Share Alliance.
  • What the shutdown means to Florida The Affordable Care Act is the law. Tell Congress not to use the budget process to stop health care.
  • FCAN/NAACP Oppose SNAP Cuts (PDF) (FCAN) is deeply disappointed that the U.S. House voted to support a stunningly harsh proposal to cut off food assistance for nearly 4 million of the most vulnerable Floridians — the poorest of the poor, children, seniors and even veterans. We are even more disappointed that US Representative Bill Young would vote to cut those services to about 3,000 people living in his district.
  • Immigration is good for Florida FCAN fights for immigration reform. Read about the problem, the solution, and the bill.
  • Stop Anti-Consumer Legislation FCAN Calls for Vetos of HB 55 "Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices" and
    HB 77 "Landlords and Tenants"
          Press Release     HB 55 letter       HB 77 letter
    HB 77, eroding tenant rights, and HB 55, radically infringing on the consumer’s ability to address auto fraud, will have an immediate impact on consumers at all income levels throughout Florida.
  • FCAN Joins Fair Share Alliance FCAN becomes part of a new national network. What's up?
  • Homeowner's Insurance Page What is the Legislature planning in 2014? What can you do to fight back?
  • Don't Cut Social Security Washington wants to impose cuts to the annual cost of living increase (COLA) called "Chained CPI" Stop it today.

    Fair Taxes:  It’s time the top 2% paid their fair share. Ending the Bush income tax cuts for incomes above $250,000 would raise tax rates for 2% of the wealthiest to the same levels as in the Clinton administration and raise $1 trillion over ten years. That’s almost as much as all the automatic spending cuts.  Find our more.

  • "Free" Car Buying Services Are they really free? New video explains how they really work. More Information  FTC Petition       Press Release

    FCAN Car Buying Guide - insider information - new Auto Minute videos explain how to buy a car and be sure you're getting the deal you want.

  • Consumers required to invest in "cadillac" nukes that may never be built.  Why should ratepayers put up the money?  Don't we have "investor owned" utilities? How much more will you pay for Progress Energy's Crystal River meltdown?

  • Save Cypress Creek!


  • The Affordable Care Act -- VICTORY! After years of work by many advocates, including FCAN, health care reform finally passes Congress. Now, the challenge is implementation.

    FCAN Rally at Rep Ross' Office FCAN members and allies demonstrate support for the Affordable Care Act at Rep. Dennis Ross' office in Lakeland.

FCAN Headquarters
3110 1st Ave N
Suite M
St Petersburg, FL 33713

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