FCAN Hurricane Season Media Guide -- Data, Resources, Interview Opportunities

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Published: 05/27/20


Hurricane Resilience
By Bill Newton, FCAN Deputy Director
Resilience means being able to withstand hurricanes. We want resilient homes and resilient cities. But what is it exactly and how do we... Read more

Published: 03/02/20

Strengthen Our Homes

By Bill Newton, deputy director
After the devastation of Hurricane Michael, UF Professor David Prevatt surveyed the damage and wrote a report about the impact on Florida homes. His report said... Read more

Published: 02/05/20
Hurricane damage2

Hurricane Prep With No Money

The Federal Reserve says 4 in 10 adults don’t have $400 for an emergency. If a storm is coming, what do you do? Most pre-storm lists are for people with money. What about those that don’t have the cash to load up at Home Depot? Read more

Published: 06/19/19


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Health Care

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