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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Peace and Justice Report

Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) Consumer and Payday Campaigns Manager Candace Archer Ph.D. and Bill Newton, FCAN Deputy Director, appear on WLSR's Peace and Justice Report with Tom Walker to discuss predatory lending, the CFPB, and consumer financial reform. The Peace & Justice Report covers local, state, national, and international social justice issues. We bring a wide variety of guests whose views are underrepresented in the mainstream media. We speak with many peace activists who are devoting their lives to creating a world free from war, violence, and environmental destruction. Hosted by Bob Connors and Tom Walker on WSLR 96.5 FM every Wednesday at 9 am.  The show is also available on the web at https://wslr.org/shows/peace-justice-report/

Here's our show in MP3 format. Audio only.  Peace and Justice Report (MP3 audio)
Tom WalkerTom Walker

Tom Walker, host of the show, is also President of Florida Consumer Action Network. Here's a little about Tom: Tom moved to Sarasota in 1993 after stints in Washington, D.C., and Tampa. He’s worked in computer programming since 1965, conceiving and developing new software including Internet-like tools that used “time sharing” long before the dawn of the Internet or personal computers. His users included Congress, the White House, baseball teams, construction firms, and the Smithsonian. The company was sold in 1981 to ITT.

In 1986, after meeting his wife, Cheryl, Walker started a new company: Watson & Walker, which provides expert advice for users of IBM z Systems and the z/OS operating system and which the couple still runs. Check this page for more about him, including why he loves hosting his radio show, his volunteer efforts, and why he believes #JusticeMatters.

Candace ArcherCandace Archer

Prior to joining AFR, Candace was a policy analyst and Labor Relations Management Specialist at the American Federation of Government Employees where she served on federal committees to set wages, advocated for policies that protected federal workers, and mobilized federal workers to fight for fair contracts. Before her work in organized labor, she held an Associate Professorship in the Department of Political Science at Bowling Green State University, conducting research and teaching on issues in political economy, and has published widely on topics including the financial crisis, and global credit market.

Candace Archer is AFR Campaigns Manager 



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