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Trouble in Toyland 2019

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FCAN PayDay Lending Press Release

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Toy Safety Report 2018

Toy Safety Report 2018

Trouble In Toyland Press Advisory

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FEATURED ISSUE: Pesticides are threatening bee populations globally.

Millions of bees are dying off, with alarming consequences for our food supply. We rely on bees to pollinate 71 of the 100 crops that provide 90 percent of the world’s food. Imagine no almonds, less coffee, no chocolate, fewer apples and strawberries, less alfalfa to feed dairy cows ... the list goes on. READ MORE

FCAN stands for an America where everyone gets their fair share, does their fair share, and pays their fair share; and where everyone plays by the same rules.

Unsafe Used Cars (docx file)Unsafe Used Cars (docx file)Unsafe Used Cars (docx file)Unsafe-Used-Cars


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Health Care

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Bees impact our food, economy, and health; it’s time to protect them. READ MORE